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Kylynn started her career tattooing in 2008, in her home town of Portland Oregon. While growing up, and through her adulthood, she was in love with movies. The makeup artistry aspect of the industry interested her the most. As of recently, she decided to combine her love of tattooing and makeup to pursue a journey into cosmetic tattooing. To her, it just made sense. Now having moved to the beautiful town of Vancouver Washington with her family (and extensive movie collection) she is enjoying helping people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. Preferred pronouns: She/They

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We shape and measure your individual anatomy in order to customize your perfect brow. You get to view and approve your final shape and together we work to create the ideal brow for your specific facial features.

Microblading – $500
Powder Brow – $500
Combo (Microblading and Powder) – $600

*Price includes one touch up 6-8 weeks after initial appointment*


Yes, friends! You can get natural looking freckles or enhance freckles you already have or create an adorable face of freckles you’ve always dreamed of.

All freckle sessions – $150

*Price does not include any additional sessions*

Beauty Mark

Your classic beauty mark, just like Marilyn Monroe! 

Starting at – $100


Additional maintenance sessions are not always necessary but may be desired for a bolder look. Maintenance sessions are offered at a low cost for previous clients within 1-2 years of their initial session.


Microblading and Powder Brow

Within 1st year of initial session – $150
Within 2nd year of initial session – $250

Combo Brows

Within 1 year of initial session – $200
Within 2nd year of initial session – $300