We’re Open!

All 3 Adorn locations are officially open for *appointment only” services!
To learn more about how to book an appointment and what entry requirements must be followed, please read further and familiarize yourself with our “Expectations & Adaptations” video below:

Reopening Adorn: Expectations & Adaptations by owner Desta Fury:

Many of you have asked what to expect once Adorn reopens, and here’s your first glimpse! We’re proud to share with you the protocols and precautions we’ve implemented to reopen Adorn as safely as possible for our clients and coworkers. Check our social media for updates as they develop, and they’re developing fast!


Entry Requirements:

These new requirements are mandatory during your visit at Adorn to ensure that we’re operating as safely as possible for our clients and coworkers. There will be no exceptions or debates about these requirements. Thank you for understanding the importance and necessity of these precautions.

All services are appointment-only.
We will be operating as appointment-only for the foreseeable future for all tattoo, piercing and jewelry changing services. No walk-ins allowed. Please read below for how-to appointment booking information.

Proper mask use required.
You will be expected to wear a mask properly for the entire duration of your stay at Adorn. Masks are available for purchase if you forget yours at home.

No new clients younger than 10.
Until we know more about the transmission risks associated with Covid-19 and young children, we are discontinuing new piercing services for clients younger than 10. This is for their safety and ours. We will still assist clients younger than 10 with *existing piercings* for troubleshooting and necessary sizing adjustments.

No guests allowed other than client*.
To reduce capacity and limit exposure risks, please keep friends & family at home. *Only exception is parent/legal guardian for minors with appropriate IDs.

Maintain social distancing.
Please abide by the social distancing stickers we have distributed throughout our lobby so we can all maintain safe space.

Temperature check & hand sanitization required upon entry.
Your temperature will be checked and hand sanitizer will be provided when you arrive. Those who have a fever or decline hand sanitizer may be denied entry and/or services.

No touching your mask, face, or piercings during your visit.
This has always been a rule at Adorn, but one that we will now strictly enforce for everyone’s safety. Additional hand sanitizer will be provided if mask/face/etc is accidentally touched.

No exceptions, no debates.
Any failure to adhere with these guidelines will result in your removal from the premises and forfeit of your deposit.

How To Book a Piercing Appointment:

We are required by the Oregon Health Authority to do everything by appointment, even to simply browse jewelry, as we are a service industry.

Piercing appointments include:

  • Initial piercings for brand new piercings
  • jewelry installs for changing jewelry in an existing piercing
  • piercing/jewelry adjustments
  • upsizing/downsizing
  • jewelry shopping
  • troubleshooting aftercare

To book your appointment, please read the important information below:

1) It is very important that you watch our video on how to take care of your new piercings before you come into the shop. It allows us to really cut down on our exposure times in the studio to keep you and ourselves safe! Click here to watch, or follow the link in your confirmation email.

2) Please make sure to fill out your release form before you arrive. It will leave more time for your service, and to look at all of our beautiful jewelry! You will find it by following the link in your confirmation email!

3) For the foreseeable future, we are not seeing any new clients under the age of 10 for new services.

4) Identification will be verified upon arrival.

  • All original identification documents must be produced at time of appointment for a physical inspection and scanning.
  • If identification requirements are not fulfilled upon arrival you will be rescheduled and may lose any deposit paid.
  • Guardians may choose not to stay for services, but must be present at arrival for ID verification. Adult (18+ years of age) photo ID requirements: Government issued photo ID with date of birth. Minor photo ID requirements: Guardian’s government issued photo ID with date of birth AND minor’s photo ID (school or government) with matching last names. *If last names do not match, additional supporting documents are required including birth certificate, adoption papers OR guardianship papers.*

5) Click Here to Read Covid-19 Rules & Entry Requirements prior to booking your appointment. The new rules & entry requirements we’ve implemented are to keep our clients and coworkers as safe as possible!

6) Click the booking button below for which location you’d like to visit at and follow the scheduling prompts. You’ll either receive an email confirming your appointment, or we’ll contact you for additional information.

SE Portland:

If you have any questions please email us.


SE Portland



Tattoo Appointments

How to Book a Cosmetic Tattoo Appointment:

1) Click Here to Read Covid-19 Rules & Entry Requirements prior to booking your appointment. The new rules & entry requirements we’ve implemented are to keep our clients and coworkers as safe as possible!

2) Click the booking button below and follow the scheduling prompts. You’ll either receive an email confirming your appointment, or we’ll contact you for additional information.


How to Book a Tattoo Appointment:

1) Email Your Tattoo Artist Directly:
To reduce exposure as much as possible, we’re replacing in-person tattoo consultations with one-on-one email consults directly with your artist. This gives you and your artist the opportunity to discuss artwork, collect references and schedule your appointment in advance all prior to physically entering the studio. If you know who you’d like to work with, you can contact them directly below:

Corey Grace: CoreyGrace406@gmail.com
Instagram: @cgrace406

Dean Bomb: DeanBombTattoos@gmail.com
Instagram: @deanbombtattoos

Josiah Laughlin: Josiahawr@gmail.com
Instagram: @josiah_laughlin_pdx

Andrew Clayson: andrewclayson@gmail.com
Instagram: @andrewclaysontattoo

Rene Dietzler: bearbrowscosmetictattooing@gmail.com
Instagram: @bearbrowbeauty

Need Help Choosing an Artist?
Email us at AdornSafely@gmail.com and we’ll help you find the right artist for your project.

3) Your patience is appreciated!
All emails will be answered in the order they’re received, but that can take time due to the volume of clients inquiring. Thank you in advance for understanding, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Additional Client Resources:

If you’re still unable to visit Adorn during this time, we’ve set up the following resources so we can assist our clients safely from afar:

AdornSafely@gmail.com Help Hotline:

Email us at AdornSafely@gmail.com for piercing advice, jewelry questions, aftercare troubleshooting, tattoo consults and more. A lot of pre-service preparation can be completed in advance via e-mail. Our staff will get back to you as soon as they can with the answers you need.

Restock Piercing Aftercare from Home:

Running out of your Neilmed Piercing Aftercare Spray? Have no fear, aftercare shipments are here! Restock your aftercare on our online store.

Shop Jewelry Online & via Email:

Need a little retail therapy? We get it. Browse through our most popular designs on our online store and have your favorites shipped straight to your door. Looking for something you can’t find? Don’t worry, all the BVLA gold you know and love from Adorn is still available for purchase and shipping. Email us at AdornSafely@gmail.com and we’ll get you everything your heart desires.

Informative Safety Videos:

Knowledge is power, and we want to keep our clients, coworkers and community as safe as possible during these times. To do so, we’ll be making informative videos on everything from proper mask usage, to self-care during quarantine, to customized aftercare tutorials and more! To start, check out this handy-dandy video by our piecer Luke Horton about how to protect yourself and others while wearing a mask:

Piercing Aftercare by Billy Wood:

Unsure of how to care for your piercing? We’d be happy to show you! This informative video by our beloved piercer Billy Wood provides a comprehensive introduction to piercing aftercare, do’s & dont’s and how to get in touch with us for troubleshooting if you need additional assistance.

Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare by Renee Dietzler:

Cosmetic tattoos need tender love and care too! Our cosmetic tattoo artist Renee Dietzler of Adorn Uptown is here to share some tips and tricks about microblading aftercare and upkeep so you can keep those brows fierce and fabulous.