We’re appointment only & COVID precautions apply


Covid Precautions:

-We are still implementing enhanced precautions throughout our three studios:

-For the foreseeable future, all under the mask services (nostrils, septums, lips, tongues, philtrum, smiley, labret, cheeks, monroes, etc…) will require proof of FULL Covid 19 vaccination at time of service, or a negative test within 72 hours for PCR and IDNOW tests or the day of your appointment for at home BinaxNOW POC  tests.

This only applies to under the mask services. Services like ears and navels, and others that do not require you to remove your mask do not require this proof. You can show that proof either with a physical or digital copy. We will not be providing tests, clients must procure a test themselves at their own cost.

Here are a few tests that are acceptable and where to get them.

One test is the Abbot rapid molecular ID now. 15 minutes – 24 hours. FDA authorized for emergency use (EUA).  The Rapid Point-of-Care (POC) – NAAT (ID NOW) test also detects genetic material of the virus. The test is performed on site with results available within 24 hours. This would be the best choice as the results as it is widely available and will be easier to fit your test in the 72 hour period before your appointment. Scheduling one ahead of time to coincide with your appointment would be the best course of action.

Another test is the Diagnostic Lab Test (PCR): The RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel Test – NAAT is used to detect genetic material (mRNA) of the coronavirus and will be sent to a laboratory to determine results in a variable amount of time. This test is also authorized for emergency use (EUA) by the FDA. The test results may not get to you in the 72 hour time period though, so be sure to consult your testing facility on the result times.

Both of these tests are available at:

-Most local Pharmacies

-The Covid Clinic


One other possible option is the Rapid Antigen Test (BinaxNOW): Rapid Point-of-Care (POC) Test – Antigen (BinaxNOW) is an antigen test that detects the presence of a specific viral antigen. The test is performed on site, with results available the same day. These tests imply current viral infection and help determine if an individual is actively infected with COVID-19.

This is commonly known as the at home test. There are some facilities that will do this test for you, but you may also do one yourself, but it must be the day of your appointment. You can find these at local pharmacies.

-We remain appointment only with no guests and no children under 10, however we will accommodate walk-ins for piercing troubleshooting and other urgently needed services.

-We will require all clients and staff to remain fully masked in all common areas of all three studios, regardless of vaccination status.

-Our entire staff is all fully vaccinated.

-We are maintaining advanced sanitation protocols which include constant disinfection on all surfaces, infrared scrubbers in our HVAC system, and HEPA filtration circulating the air in every room.

We kindly ask of you:

-To maintain social distancing wherever and whenever possible

-Please quarantine if you are exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19 for 21 days.

-If you’re feeling under the weather please reschedule your appointment for another time.

-Now, as always, we ask that you for refrain from touching your mask jewelry or piercing in the studio.

-These policies can change at will and without notice at anytime as new scientific data becomes available.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at your APPOINTMENT.