Jewelry Care

Caring For Silicone Jewelry

The soft, squishy silicone jewelry is fun for everyone and can make sleeping a much better experience. AND it is so easy to care for….

  • Wash with a mild soap like Dr. Bronner’s prior to each use. Washing is especially important in situations where allergens may be present- pet or seasonal.
  • Use a water-based lubricant like astroglide or a body-friendly oil such as jojoba massaged into your ear and applied to the jewelry itself to make insertion or removal smooth. To insert the jewelry fold eyelet in halves then slip into your piercing and let it spring back into shape.
  • Do not use silicone to stretch any body part – EVER. Continuous wear is not recommended – no longer than 20 days consecutive. Stop wearing silicone if any irritation occurs.
  • Do not use chemicals or anything but mild soap on or near your silicone. This includes madacide, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any other toxic chemical.

As always, please call or stop by the studio with any questions or concerns.

Making The Most Of Your Metal

We use manufacturers who take pride in their original and well-crafted pieces. Taking proper care of these works of art will ensure that their beauty is preserved.

  • As with any jewelry, if your piercing becomes swollen or irritated after wearing it, remove the item immediately and do not attempt to wear it again until the tissue has healed again completely.
  • Use a microfiber polishing cloth specific to each metal and lightly rub the metals when they begin to appear tarnished or dull or before that special occasion that warrants some extra shine. Fingerprints and mild-oxidizing will come off easily. Rubbing vigorously can degrade finish.
  • Store polishing cloths in a closed ziplock or another container to prevent dust build-up that can scratch jewelry.
  • Be gentle with opening/closing mechanisms and thin or fine detailed designs. Store them hanging or in boxes or wrapped in cloth as appropriate to the design. Metal on metal contact can result in scratching.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or drop by the studio.

Organic Jewelry Care

Proper care of your organic jewelry (aka naturals) will help to ensure a long, attractive life for your jewelry and your piercing. The following information can be used to ensure the long life and attractiveness of your wood, bone, and antler.

  • Organic jewelry should not be worn in unhealed tissue (initial piercings and recent stretches).
  • Handle with clean hands and clean jewelry before wearing using a mild, chemical-free liquid soap. We suggest Dr. Bronner’s baby Castile soap.
  • Clean and Condition jewelry monthly. Lightly rub wood, bone, and horn jewelry with Coconut oil or Jojoba oil for conditioning.
  • Do not autoclave or soak in water/chemicals. Remove jewelry before bathing, showering or swimming.
  • Organic Jewelry reacts to changes in temperature and humidity. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Don’t store jewelry in bathrooms or on window sills.
  • Wear only when jewelry is comfortable. Consult your piercer with any issues.

Only wear your jewelry for as long as it feels good. If you are experiencing any difficulties consult your piercer for possible causes and solutions.

For more extensive information visit this website and read the extensive information compiled by Erica Skadsen of Organics LLC.