Meet The Staff

Hey there, my name is Chey. I am a member of our counter intelligence team. I have three great loves: Star Trek, reading, and everything sparkly! You can find me at our East location behind the jewelry counter (you won’t miss me, I’m “the one with the hair”) waiting to help you find the piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. Life is too short for boring jewelry, let’s get wild!


Hi there, I’m Cristal and I’m one of the counter babes at Adorn! My love for this industry started at a young age when I would go to tattoo conventions with my dad, and evolving into all forms of body modification. Growing up I knew this industry is one I wanted to be a part of, and in being in the Adorn family I’ve truly found my home. My favorite parts of my job are helping clients find that piece of jewelry, or tattoo, that is special to them and help manifest what they have in their mind onto their body! I’m lucky to be able to help others feel more confident in their skin and I love what I do. I could talk gold and tattoos all day long so don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have! You can listen to my bad jokes, witness my awful dance moves, and hear my loud cackle of a laugh at either Adorn studio!

I’m Alex. I joined the Adorn family as a counter consultant in 2018. In addition to working counter, I have been fortunate to be given an opportunity to further my journey into this industry as an Apprentice Body Piercer. Working at Adorn I have developed a deep interest in high-quality body jewelry and a keen eye for aesthetic. My passion for body modification began at a young age when I found out how empowering and cathartic it is to truly look and feel like yourself. Since then it has played a huge role in who I am and how I present. Whether you are a new client, returning client or someone with a curiosity about body modification, stop by and let me help you feel more like yourself.

My name is Gabi, Counter Staff on and off since 2014 because I can’t be kept away! I miss my work family and running around with purpose and friendly faces. My favorite piercing is the eyebrow, I had mine for 11 years and learned lesson after lesson from it, like to listen to my piercer. Anyone with jewelry will tell you they don’t feel like themselves without it and that experience of making people feel whole again or for the first time. I am a 100% Yellow Gold kind of gal, with an affinity for earthy tones. The only stone I wear is Tiger’s Eye. Rings rings rings are my go to piece of jewelry for anything healed go big or go home is what I live by. Building and breaking down everything around me, pushing through the uncertainty with the support of our crew even from afar.

Portrait - BenWhat’s up Oregon! My name is Ben and I’m new to the Pacific Northwest from the Bay Area. I started my journey in the piercing industry in 2013 and I’ve loved every moment of it. Body modification has been a passion of mine since a young age. Nothing makes me happier than finding that perfect piece of jewelry for that perfect piercing. Come on in and let’s step up your jewelry game! When I’m not in the studio drooling over all the gold, you can find me watching one of my favorite shows like Law and Order, Friends or Ridiculousness. I’m super excited to be apart of the Adorn family and can’t wait to see  the beautiful faces of Portland drip in gold.

Hey there! I’m Ann, and I’m the newbie of our amazing counter staff. I’ve been fascinated by body mods my whole life, wearing fake lip rings and doodling designs on my arms before I could get poked for real. Being a part of the industry just feels right to me, and nothing brings me more joy than pairing a client with the perfect jewelry for their piercing or the best artist to make their tattoo a reality. When you’re happy, I’m happy! If I’m not at the shop, I’m most likely wandering the great outdoors with my three-legged dog, Luna, writing lots of poems and short stories I won’t let anyone read, or traveling to wherever my wallet can take me. Come say hello anytime – I’d be happy to help adorn you!

Hi, I’m Cherish. I’ve been working in piercing studios off and on for a bit over 8 years and loved every minute! I moved here from Colorado in January and was brought on as a jewelry specialist soon after. Meeting all of you wonderful people is what makes my day! When I’m not working, I’m usually adventuring out in the wilderness with my partner and our dogs, camping or mountain biking. I’m a nerd for just about all things sci-fi, horror, and of course piercing or body modification related. I am so excited to be working at Adorn and I’m equally excited to see all your beautiful faces light up when you see the perfect jewelry for the first time!

Hello, my name is Kali! I’m new to the Oregon area but it already feels like I am at home with the Adorn family. I’ve been in the body modification industry since 2015, but I’ve held a lifelong interest since I was a wee tadpole watching my dad get pierced and tattooed. My favorite part of my job is working with clients to create artistic forms of self expression, whether that be through finding the perfect piece of jewelry or matchmaking them with a tattoo artist. When I’m not ogling at the jewelry behind the counter, you can find me crafting or talking to my cat Banksy. Your body is a temple, lets decorate it!

Scylla (aka Skylar) Gabany From Sonoma County born and raised; Scylla works various roles throughout the shop! You’ll most likely see them making sure the quality of stored products is sufficiently maintained and packaged accordingly! Originally from a small shop in Sonoma county they have worked in the piercing industry in California and Oregon for 5 years! “