Meet The Staff

Lilly’s love for body modification first began many years ago when her mothers work brought her to Kenya as a little girl. Wide-eyed and amazed, she witnessed the largely stretched earlobes of the Maasai tribe, their impressive scarification and the brightly colored jewelry they strung from piercing to piercing. At a very young age, Lilly decided that the art of self expression was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen. 20+ years later and after 11 years of professional experience in the industry, Lilly’s love for body modification only continues to grow. Whether it be discussing the next jewelry ensemble of your dreams, ensuring your Adorn experience is one you’ll love and share with friends, or endlessly sharing cat photos with clients, Lilly is here to help.

Gabi is a sweetheart and the master of the West side counter. She’s always excited and willing to help you find the right tattooist to create your ideas into a reality or help you find the most perfect piece of jewelry for your piercing. Don’t be shy to ask her any questions, nothing is ever too small if it helps put your mind at ease or quells your curiosity. Creating a memorable and comfortable experience is her goal! Gabi enjoys the art of D.I.Y. jewelry making and sculpture projects. She will happily nerd out with you about the many different processes and techniques she’s knowledgable and passionate about. When she’s not in the shop she’s out exploring or in creating!

Hello, there, my name is Ash! I am just one of the many lovely faces you’ll find at the counter of our amazing studio. I am very passionate about this industry and my role within the shop. I love being there for anyone that needs a hand to hold while getting a piercing, or just to simply answer a question about the many gorgeous pieces of jewelry for which to adorn yourself with. Helping you find jewelry as unique as you is my goal, and we can crush society’s beauty standards one, or two, or five piercings at a time! When I’m not working, you can usually find me in my LOTR Witch King gauntlets, watching wrestling, talking about sci-fi/fantasy, or playing either Skyrim or Mario Kart (among other games).


Hey there, my name is Chey. I am a member of our counter intelligence team. I have three great loves: Star Trek, reading, and everything sparkly! You can find me behind the jewelry counter (you won’t miss me, I’m “the one with the hair”) waiting to help you find the piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. Most say I have a smile that is contagious and a personality that is comforting. Life is too short for boring jewelry, let’s get wild!

Hello! I’m called Alex. I’m fresh behind the counter at Adorn, and although I’m new, my passion for body modification is not. As a preteen I found out how empowering and cathartic it is to truly feel and look like yourself. Since then body modification has played a huge role in who I am and how I present. Whether you are a new client, return client or just someone with a curiosity about body modification, stop in to meet me and let me help you feel more at home in your body.

Alex, lovingly known at the shop as Tex, is a recent Austin, TX transplant to the PNW and another friendly face you can expect to see behind the Adorn counter. They began working in the industry at the start of 2017, propelled by their love of body modification and passion for facilitating others’ self determination and unique self expressions. They’re a die hard rose gold lover that enjoys pairing different stones with different metals and curating jewelry to suit the individual. When they’re out of the shop you can find them with their nose buried in a book, geeking over cult scifi and foreign horror films, or dressed up and out on the town to hear music. It’s never too late for something new and special to make you feel beautiful. Alex is here to help you find happiness feeling at home in your own skin.

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