Meet The Staff

Hey there, my name is Chey. I am a member of our counter intelligence team. I have three great loves: Star Trek, reading, and everything sparkly! You can find me at our East location behind the jewelry counter (you won’t miss me, I’m “the one with the hair”) waiting to help you find the piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. Life is too short for boring jewelry, let’s get wild! preferred pronouns: She/They/Friend


My name is Cristal and I am the shop manager of our Uptown location. I have had a love for this industry since I was a kid and I can proudly say that I have been with Adorn since 2018. My favorite parts of my job are helping clients find that piece of jewelry, or tattoo, that is special to them and help manifest what they have in their mind onto their body! I’m lucky to be able to help others feel more confident in their skin and I love what I do. Helping style your piercings, whether they’re brand new or we are switching up your entire existing set up is the highlight of my day, so make an appointment and let’s get you feeling like your best self! preferred pronouns: She/Her
I’m Alex. I joined the Adorn family as a counter consultant in 2018. In addition to working counter, I have been fortunate to be given an opportunity to further my journey into this industry as an Apprentice Body Piercer. Working at Adorn I have developed a deep interest in high-quality body jewelry and a keen eye for aesthetic. My passion for body modification began at a young age when I found out how empowering and cathartic it is to truly look and feel like yourself. Since then it has played a huge role in who I am and how I present. Whether you are a new client, returning client or someone with a curiosity about body modification, stop by and let me help you feel more like yourself. preferred pronouns:He/They

Portrait - BenWhat’s up Oregon! My name is Ben and I’m new to the Pacific Northwest from the Bay Area. I started my journey in the piercing industry in 2013 and I’ve loved every moment of it. Body modification has been a passion of mine since a young age. Nothing makes me happier than finding that perfect piece of jewelry for that perfect piercing. Come on in and let’s step up your jewelry game! When I’m not in the studio drooling over all the gold, you can find me watching one of my favorite shows like Law and Order, Friends or Ridiculousness. I’m super excited to be apart of the Adorn family and can’t wait to see  the beautiful faces of Portland drip in gold. preferred pronouns: He/Him

Hello, my name is Kali! I’m new to the Oregon area but it already feels like I am at home with the Adorn family. I’ve been in the body modification industry since 2015, but I’ve held a lifelong interest since I was a wee tadpole watching my dad get pierced and tattooed. My favorite part of my job is working with clients to create artistic forms of self expression, whether that be through finding the perfect piece of jewelry or matchmaking them with a tattoo artist. When I’m not ogling at the jewelry behind the counter, you can find me crafting or talking to my cat Banksy. Your body is a temple, let’s decorate it! preferred pronouns: She/Her

Hello there! My name is KristaJae and I am a member of the counter specialist team at Adorn Body Art. If I’m not at work, I’m snacking, hanging out with my cats, and daydreaming about fine jewelry anyhow. I’ve been passionate about body modification ever since I was a kid— ever since my mom spontaneously came home with a lip piercing. It’s an immense privilege to educate and assist folks in the midst of their body modification journey and I love being a guiding, reassuring hand in what can be an intimidating experience. I’d be so lucky to facilitate your next visit at Adorn! preferred pronouns: She/They

Hi I’m Shea, you’ll find me at the counter to assist you with your jewelry dreams. I originally hail from the mountains of Colorado. The body modification community has always made me feel like I belong and since being with the Adorn family I truly feel at home. I’m here to help you source and find that dream piece to have the glow up you deserve. In my free time I enjoy rock hounding, making jewelry and the ceramic arts. I hope to pursue a career in the tattoo trade as one of the Adorn artists. preferred pronouns: He/Him/They