Piercer | Lia

Lia has always been fascinated by piercings, tattoos, and body modification. In 2009 she was offered the opportunity to turn this curiosity into a dream job when she started her apprenticeship in Denver, Colorado. Since then she has been all over the country gaining XP and leveling up to gain a more thorough understanding of piercing as a craft. In the pursuit of knowledge, she has attended the Fakir Intensives, takes seminars, and regularly attends the Association of Professional Piercers conference. Her aim is to help people feel more like themselves in their own skin, and have a great experience along the way. “The best feeling in the world is when someone I’ve pierced sees themselves in the mirror for the first time and is in love with how they look. They’ve conquered any fear they had coming in, and they are proud for doing it. It’s a really beautiful side of people.”
When she isn’t at work, she likes to stay busy by cooking, painting, playing video games, and doing crafty projects. She also is a big fan of travel both locally and internationally, so she is always planning a new adventure. Preferred pronouns: She/They