Piercer | Seth

Seth Dietz is more than just a fabulous beard. He is a passionate, professional, and dedicated piercer who is esteemed by his peers – clients and industry co-workers alike. He started piercing professionally in 2005 and has continued to challenge himself by learning everything he can to be the best piercer possible. He attended the Fakir Body Piercing Intensives – Basic (2006) and Advanced (2008). He both takes and teaches classes annually at the Association of Professional Piercers Conference in Las Vegas and he has been a member of the APP since 2011.

Since moving from Tennessee to join the Adorn family in 2010, he has been very active in the local body piercing community. He is a founding member of the Oregon Professional Piercers (OPP). He also served on the State of Oregon’s Board of Body Art Practitioners from 2012-2017. During that time, he was on the team that helped institute some of Oregon’s best regulations to help keep all Oregonians as safe as possible. Seth loves working with gold, opals, and helping you find the best jewelry for your piercing. His favorite piercings to preform are nostrils, ear lobes, conches, ear projects, nipples and genitals and making sure all clients leave feeling excited and confident about how to take care of their new piercings. Seth is currently licensed in Oregon for all standard body piercings, as well as both specialty level 1 (all basic genital piercings) & specialty level 2 (all advanced genital piercings). When he’s not piercing, he’s hiking or climbing a mountain somewhere with his awesome wife in the great outdoors, or drinking a pint at a local beerfest. He/They/Them
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