Piercer | Zandr

Zandr is new to Oregon, originally from California. He spent years in the Bay Area before deciding to make Portland his new home sweet home. His fascination with body piercing began when he was just a young boy. It all started when his dad took him to get his first ear piercings which inspired Zandr to pursue an apprenticeship in 2009. He has continued his ongoing education by attending the last two years of the Association of Professional Piercers annual conference in Las Vegas, as well as partaking in online forums and seminars.

When Zandr is not piercing, you can find him exploring mountains with his partner and two huskies, enjoying the beach on a sunny day or at CrossFit.
Zandr can’t wait to meet all of your beautiful faces and is ready to give you a positive and memorable piercing experience at either Adorn location. Preferred pronouns: Sexy