Piercing Pricing

The following is our basic structure for piercing prices. Jewelry costs range dramatically from a simple stainless steel ring, starting at $20, to 18k gold septum clicker with genuine diamonds or other precious stones at $500 or more. All Adorn piercing jewelry is manufactured in the United States in strict accordance with APP’S standards.

Our jewelry is superior in every way to the majority of cheap import jewelry flooding the market. That is why it comes with a 100% guarantee of safety and reliability against manufacturer defect.

Jewelry Prices

Jewelry prices are determined by material and craftsmanship. Our prices start as low as $20 and go into the $1000’s. We pride ourselves on carrying the absolute top pinnacle of the body jewelry quality pyramid.

Offering quality American made goods, hand-crafted and meticulously designed and inspected for the safest most comfortable piercing experience.

Our manufacturers stand proudly behind their jewelry offering unprecedented quality guarantees you won’t find by the foreign companies carried in the malls. Sometimes you pay more upfront for quality but in the end quality always pays.



Average Piercing Cost

The following represents the average fee for piercing+jewelry+aftercare for each piercing service we provide. 


  • Single lobe $100 ~ Double lobe $145
  • Cartilage $100
  • Industrial/Orbital $110
  • Nostril $100
  • Lip/Labret $100
  • Monroe $100
  • Philtrum $100
  • Eyebrow $100
  • Tongue $95
  • Navel$130
  • Bridge$105
  • Nipple (Single)$95
  • Nipples (Double)$155
  • Septum$95
  • Cheeks$175
  • Surface anchor$130
  • Surface piercing$155
  • Genitals (Basic)$150+ Price varies upon anatomy
  • Genitals (advanced)$175+ Price varies upon anatomy


$10 OFF additional piercings

Install/ remove jewelry: $10 – $20

Tray fee for incomplete services: $25

Anchor piercing removal $20

Jewelry Anodizing $10

These prices do not reflect need for jewelry up or downsizing nor upgrades in jewelry (eg changes from titanium to gold or swarovski to genuine gems)