Piercing Service Announcement

Lately we’ve been seeing an quite a few clients who have allowed simple easy problems to snowball into horrendous gnarly messes for which there is little to no hope of escape without permanent disfigurement.

We don’t care if you price shopped at some no talent shop or got your piercing on vacation in Venezuela… If at first you don’t succeed with your piercing…contact the PRO’S for some top quality trouble shooting!

The lesson here is: SOONER is BETTER!

We’d rather see you and tell you that your piercing is normal and you are neurotic than have you out there growing a baby head sized keloid off your helix piercing or ignoring the fact that your nipple is warping into an unsavory shape.

So bring us your bruised and battered piercings with your cheap Asian junk shop jewelry and let us make you whole again!