How To Make A Tattoo Appointment


This article will walk you through the highlights of setting up the actual appointment for your tattoo. You should have at least a basic idea of what it is you’d like to have tattooed as well as an idea of where you would like to place it on your body before trying to set up an appointment. Keep your ideas flexible. There may be factors a professional artist will want to weigh in on to make the piece work properly and stand the test of time aesthetically.

Once you have decided on an image/idea begin gathering reference material to show your artist. For more details on choosing an image/idea and gathering reference for your tattoo check our article, Image Is Everything. If the image is culled from Google it will be used as reference only. We will not tattoo an exact replica of someone else’s custom tattoo on you unless you have that other person’s blessing. You are also welcome to draw a rough sketch of what you want even if its just stick figures or bring in your favorite.

graphic-adorn-interiorOnce you have established what you want and gathered reference it is time to pick an artist. For more detailed information on how to choose an artist to perform your tattoo check out our article on How To Look At Portfolios. You are also welcome to stop by the studio and ask the counter to help you choose the right artist. We know which tattooists excel at what types of work and will gladly guide you in the right direction.

Now that you have an image and an artist in mind, it’s time to set up your appointment. Take a moment to think about your upcoming obligations. It is not a good idea to try and get tattooed during finals week when you are all stressed out and short on time or pre/post surgery when your health is compromised or right before a vacation to Thailand when you might not be able to refrain from taking your fresh tattoo surfing.

If your image is simple enough we will take notes at the counter and put you directly in the artist’s appointment book. If your custom piece requires more one on one time to iron out the details we will set you up with a consult. The consultation is a meeting between you and the artist and will involve going over your ideas and images and adjusting them to the realities of the tattoo process. There is no charge for consultations. Actual appointments require a minimum of $80 deposit to secure your spot. Larger tattoos require larger deposits. Deposits are non-refundable and will be deducted from the price of your final tattoo appointment.

Once we have the deposit your artist will begin drawing. We will redraw your design until you are happy with it. We understand that you will have to live with this tattoo forever. If you are uncertain about the design arrange a drawing consultation appointment a week or more before your actual tattoo appointment to allow for any adjustments. It is not reasonable to expect an artist to completely redesign your full-sleeve the night before your appointment. The same consideration is expected of rescheduling your appointment; please give a minimum of 24-48 hours to make any changes to the time reserved for you. If less than 24hrs notice is given you will forfeit your deposit.

While you do not need your ID to make the appointment you do need to be at least 18 years old by the time of your appointment with state or federally issued photo identification to verify that fact. See our pre-service guide for other helpful hints on how to prepare for a tattoo.