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Alex Horst is from Portland, OR and started in the industry as a body piercer and later evolved into a tattooer. He has tattooed in multiple states and loves tattooing traditional, neo-traditional and black & grey. He’s always willing to take same day appointments if there is an opening. Besides his passion for the body art industry he has a second love for motorcycles. While he enjoys the excitement his life brings he is also a girl Dad to 3 daughters. Prayers are welcome.

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To reduce exposure as much as possible, we’re replacing in-person tattoo consultations with one-on-one email consults directly with your artist. This gives you and your artist the opportunity to discuss artwork, collect references and schedule your appointment in advance all prior to physically entering the studio. Contact Alex directly below:

Alex Horst:
Instagram: @bodyartbyah

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Have an idea for your first or next tattoo? Contact Adorn to schedule a consultation with Alex. He’ll work with you to come up with a design you’ll love. You can also stop by the shop to talk with Alex or any of the other talented tattoo artists here at Adorn. In the meantime, you can also check out our FAQ page for answers to all of your tattoo-related questions.

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