Tattoo Artist | Chloe


Chloe is a new tattooer and is interested in developing a style that combines classical themes, traditional tattooing, and ornamental composition. From the gate, Chloe has mainly focused on black and grey, floral, Greek/classical art, and fusions of style and theme. She began tattooing under the mentorship of Ryan Baden in 2018, and is always looking to expand her portfolio and take on new and exciting pieces.

Chloe is a firm believer in maintaining a collaborative and positive tattoo experience, and strives to cultivate a welcoming and open space for clients. For that reason, she feels doubly proud and lucky to be working at Adorn, whose goals and ideals of body art so closely match her own. In the future, Chloe is interested in setting time and space aside to give back to her communities, especially in regards to scar covers from chronic illness, gender affirmation surgery, self harm, abuse, etc.
When not tattooing, Chloe can be found hotdoggin around, starting projects, and reading a good book.


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