Tattoo Artist | Corey


Corey has been tattooing professionally since 1998, but he has been an artist since he was a little boy. He attended Montana State University where he studied art education. Before tattooing he worked as an illustrator, educator, muralist, and curator. Corey is proficient in a variety of styles, but particularly enjoys black and gray, color, and cover ups, and he really loves bugs and flowers. When not doing tattoos he can be found riding his motorcycle, exploring Oregon with his family, drawing, painting, and practicing guitar.


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To reduce exposure as much as possible, we’re replacing in-person tattoo consultations with one-on-one email consults directly with your artist. This gives you and your artist the opportunity to discuss artwork, collect references and schedule your appointment in advance all prior to physically entering the studio. Contact Corey directly below:

Corey Grace:
Instagram: @cgrace406