Guest Tattoo Artist | Nico Cain

Nico Cain is a nomadic tattoo artist who visits Adorn Body Art a few times a year during his Pacific Northwest travels. For upcoming tour dates and appointment availability, he can be reached directly on his Instagram: @NicolasCainLife. Preferred pronouns: He/Him

Schedule Your Tattoo Appointment by Email:

We are appointment only. For consultations and scheduling, please contact the Tattoo Artist of your choice directly. This process allows you to  work directly with your artist giving you the opportunity to discuss artwork, collect references  and schedule your appointment all before you even have to step into the studio. Please include  as much information as possible within your email, such as your name, pronouns, phone  number, tattoo description, size, possible placement options, approximate budget, preferred  scheduling days, and any photo references you may have. 

Your patience is appreciated! If you don’t hear back from an artist in 3 business days,  please reach out directly to the studio by phone or email. It’s never  our intention to leave you hanging, however some emails end up in spam this will allow us to  alert the artist so they can locate your email.  

24-hour notice is required to change or cancel appointments. After 24 hours your  deposit is non-refundable. 48 hours or more notice is strongly preferred. There is additional  information regarding deposits on our pricing page

   Clients arriving 30 minutes late will forfeit their appointment time and deposit. A new  deposit will be required to set another appointment. Please arrange time to review custom  designs at least 48 hours before your appointment to allow your artist enough time for  necessary changes.

Instagram: @NicolasCainLife.