Tattoo Artist | Ryan

My name is Ryan,  I was born and raised is Portland Oregon.  I studied fine art at the University of Oregon. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about horror themed art. I discovered H.R. Gigers work very early and was completely fascinated by it,  he was a huge inspiration for me. I get a lot of inspiration from death metal music as well. My favorite bands right now are Fluids, archspire and cytotoxin (among many others).  Artistically, I have always focused on black and grey heavily detailed horror, with an emphasis on achieving visual brutality.  My tattoos reflect my interests completely so anything dark or horror themed takes priority.  I also welcome  projects that include lettering. Outside of tattooing I enjoy drawing, fitness,  cinema, nature, animals, solitude, music and my dog Bruce.

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To reduce exposure as much as possible, we’re replacing in-person tattoo consultations with one-on-one email consults directly with your artist. This gives you and your artist the opportunity to discuss artwork, collect references and schedule your appointment in advance all prior to physically entering the studio. Contact Ryan directly below:

Instagram: @hellscribe