Safe, Reliable, and Absolutely Gorgeous Body Jewelry


Whether you are in the market for a classic titanium stud, or feel it is time for a complete solid gold jewelry makeover strewn with precious gemstones, we recommend taking a peek at our full line of body jewelry. Or, get in touch with our talented and knowledgeable staff who would be delighted to make recommendations from our selection or help you create your very own, heirloom quality piece in concert with our trusted jewelry makers.


  • We have spent decades meticulously curating the Pacific Northwest’s largest selection of premium body jewelry.
  • All our jewelry lines must adhere to stringent health, safety and ethical standards.
  • All our jewelry for fresh piercings is internally threaded or threadless and hand polished to provide painless insertion into your piercing.
  • We go above and beyond the highest standards set by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) when it comes to body jewelry quality.

We Strongly Support Ethical and Original Designers

We source all of our classic body jewelry styles like rings, studs, barbells and flat backs from ethical designers. Only safe, reliable and proven metals are used, such as 14k or higher solid gold and implant grade titanium, to name a few. Furthermore, these well established companies provide unparalleled guarantees and assurances against manufacturing defects. Adorn chooses to use original designers rather than those exporting knock-offs who often sacrifice quality and integrity in an attempt to cut costs.

All of our organic jewelry makers, who provide our stone, bone, wood, brass, and silver jewelry for well healed piercings, must have steadfast reputations as ethical and original designers. We support artistry and the individuals who put the creativity and effort into building this industry. In addition, we only support makers who offer fair wages and have quality control and environmental protections in place.

It’s Time to Make Your Body Jewelry Dreams Come True

We’re here for you to answer any questions you have about choosing your perfect body piercing jewelry.