Body piercing is a service industry similar to restaurants, salons and others. The typical gratuity is between 10% – 30%. Piercers do a lot more than just poking a hole and sending you on your way.

Things to consider when tipping your piercer:

  • Perhaps your piercer helped you install a piece of jewelry you could not put in yourself? Maybe they took a peek at a piercing to make sure it was doing well when you were worried about it? Tipping them for their time is a great way to say “Thanks!”
  • What if they dedicated a good amount of time perfecting the placement of a single or multiple piercings? Did they curate a whole new jewelry look for you? Did they just make you feel and look amazing? With those types of situations you may feel inclined to tip more.
  • Occasionally, our nerves may get the best of us and if your piercer was there for you not only to alleviate those fears, but also helped walk you through your piercing with compassion and care, then tip them accordingly!
  • You should always feel good about tipping your artist, but never obligated.
  • If you don’t have the financial funds to tip, things like homemade gifts or a great review online are excellent ways to express your appreciation as well!