Tooth Gems Body Jewelry

Tooth gems are a semi-permanent way to brighten your smile for a special occasion, or just for a fun way to update your look. With options from genuine Swarovski crystals to18k solid gold these options are applied through a non-invasive procedure similar to placing an orthodontic bracket. Using ADA-grade materials and tools to adhere the piece to the outer layer of enamel, the entire procedure can be done in under twenty minutes. The 18k solid gold gems and Swarovski crystal are made to be low profile, while you may notice the gem after the initial appointment, after a few days you will get used to the feeling. The presence of a tooth gem won’t make any difference in your oral hygiene routine during at-home cleanings or cleanings done by a dental professional. The jewelry will be sealed like a filling to prevent any bacteria from getting in from underneath. All gems are made to be 100% removable whether it falls off safely and naturally, or if you have a dental professional remove it for you.